Why My Computer performance is slower (running slow) ?

Causes of Computer Running Slowdown with Solution.

If you are using a PC/Laptop & speed is Running too slow so there could be a several reasons, we are here to discuss about those problem and solution which is caused by some hardware failure or software failure. There is a lot of reason behind this, and a lot of articles over internet related to slow performance of computers.

many peoples advised to clean up computer, malware issues, or virus problems to solve slow performance of computer, yes slow performance can also be happened by these problems.

but did you ever think its also can be a hardware issue in your computer ? here is some problems and solutions for slower computer performance.

(1) RAM

Sometimes our computer getting to slow and we already tried everything but it is not going to fine, it may be a problem of your RAM.

Usually when RAM is Damaged, It will not show any thing on the screen but there is also some problems which is caused by RAM when it’s damaged.

  • Computer will be more slower.
  • Laptop/PC will hang often.
  • Display on the screen can be permanently distort or often distort while you are working.
  • No display on the screen.


Download MemTest
Extract into Folder
Plugin your USB Drive into PC
Run imageUSB.exe
Make Bootable Usb by clicking “WRITE” button in ImageUSB.exe
Restart the PC and boot from USB Drive
It will Diagnose the Problems If it is in the RAM.


There is some solutions you can do at the home if you know a little bit about computers, if you don’t know anything don’t try to open then computer or laptop, just go to a authorized service personal.

  • Remove the RAM from RAM slot and clean up.
  • If you have two RAM installed on your PC, you can test your PC with one RAM , If computer Works fine then Replace the Faulty RAM.
  • If your computer Successfully Diagnosed the Faulty RAM then replace it with new one.

(2) HDD (Hard disk Drive)

Yes hard Disk Also Can Be a Reason for slow performance of your computer, there is also can be a several reason of slower performance of PC via Hard disk Drive.

Usually When Hard Disk get damaged Our Computer won’t boot but instead of this there is also some other problems which can be cause for a Running slow performance of computer.

  • Computer may get slower than usual
  • Laptop/PC will be hang
  • Sometimes it will show a screen of death ( blue screen) with the message Unmountable Boot Volume while we boot the computer.
  • sometimes it will show “Disk Failure” on the screen while we tried to boot


  • Bad Sectors on the Drive
  • Delay’s On the drive
  • S.M.A.R.T. Failure


You can Download this tool and run a scan on your computer to see & repair if there is some bad sectors and delays On your Hard disk drive.


In Most of the Cases its possible to recover Bad Sectors of your Hard drive by using software’s but if there is Delay’s on your hard disk drive there is rare chances that it will recover. in Delay cases i will suggest to replace the hard drive.

Main Problem of Bad sectors and Delay’s are improperly shutdown computer or power cut. so avoid these things and if you are using a Desktop PC you must use a power backup system or UPS.

Now a days in the market Solid State Drives (SSD) are available which will make your computer more faster then the HDD so you can also replace your HDD with SSD.

(3) External or Internal Device Failure

Some times we use internal or external device to customize our PC mainly in the desktop PC we use PCI Graphics card or other PCI Cards which can also be a reason for slower performance of computer.

you can simply diagnose that by removing devices from your PC

(4) Mainboard (Motherboard)

Sometimes Main board (motherboard) can also be a reason for slower performance of your PC but its hard to find out if the problem is from Main board, in this case i will suggest you to contact your vendor to verify and repair your system.

Software Diagnose for Running Slow Performance of PC

If you are thinking that your PC don’t have any hardware issue but its still Running slow, then restart your computer and press F8 and choose safe mode.

Try to run your computer in safe mode, if its running well in safe mode then surely its the problem from one of your software or from OS.

Start Safe Mode directly from Windows 10

  • Click the Windows-button then Power.
  • Press the shift and click Restart.
  • Choose the option troubleshoot and go to advanced options.
  • Go to “Advanced options” and click Start-up Settings.
  • Under “Start-up Settings” click Restart.
  • there is a number of options are displayed on the screen. For booting in Safe Mode will be
    on number 4.
  • Select an option by pressing one of the numbers or function keys F4,

    4) Enable Safe Mode
    In this mode, the OS will be started with the minimum of installed drivers and only the main Windows functions are used.

If you still have Problem in your PC or any confusion then feel free to Contact Us. surely we will help you as soon as possible.

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